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Client Reviews 

We seem to attract such fabulous people to work with either in creative settings for accents/voice or for speakers expanding their presentations skills and general well being. Find out what our lovely clients say about the classes, workshops and retreats they have enjoyed with us.  It may give you a good idea about how our services may help you and the benefits of the training.


Voice Training Review
by Christine Cain Actress and Model

"It's difficult for me to accurately review Marianne in a concise manner because there are so many things I'd want to say and they still wouldn't do her justice. She has the right balance of traits for a teacher: well-organized and professional, but also adaptable, personable, and empathic. I came to her with zero background in voice work or acting, but she smoothly managed to take me through a huge range of new skills, from learning several accents to speaking more clearly and confidently. Marianne is an absolute gem of a teacher and I always come out of my sessions with her feeling much better about myself-- that I have learned something about myself. When I sought a coach to help improve my voice, I expected to do some exercises making funny faces and reading Shakespeare. I certainly did do these things, but with Marianne's guidance, my goal to improve the way my voice sounds turned into something so much more. If you're like I was and feel disconnected from your voice, even hate your voice, book Marianne!"

Summer Vibe Review
by KatY Crosby Yoga Teacher and Yodance Director

"The setting was beautiful and calming, the company was delightful - positively energising radiating from heart centre; lead by your expertise and vivacious positive energy and sparkle. I felt the sunshine inside & out.


It’s interesting to note that the word that came to my mind by the end of the day was it was also a MAGICAL day. I loved every moment, your carefully planned exercises, the sharing of yours & peoples experiences and thoughts, the fun and the focus, the break to take a relaxing walk surrounded by nature.


A retreat so close to home meant I could confidently book my space and so I had the staycation holiday that I knew I would with your expert guidance, energy and teaching.


My stress related tension dissipated the moment I stepped into the calming space you had created and I have felt the benefit of the inner calm your retreat created in me to face the difficult challenges in my life at the moment with greater composure.


Thank you for creating such a wonderful top-class retreat, you are such a delight.  It was a privilege to be part of your maiden venture. I am so thankful I booked my place".

Audience and Lecturer
Audience and Lecturer

Presentation Training Review by Iwan Rees Civil Servant

"All in all, it went very well, I thought. I was able to keep my nerves at bay, which is a big achievement in itself.

I was able to keep calm and pace myself and kept thinking about your tips and good advice.

I knew the material well and so that helped a great deal. Giving presentations is not as onerous as it has been in the past and I have learned to embrace them for what they are. I am indebted to you for this, as you have taken me to a place that I thought I would never get to. There is more for me to do to further improve, but now is a time to reflect on where I go now. Many thanks for putting up with me".

Summer Vibe Review
by Julie Pattison Yoga Teacher and Mental Health Specialist


"What a success indeed, and for me I couldn't think of a better way to spend my birthday. From your sparkling welcome and effervescent charm it set the tone for a day of connection with others and myself. I love your delivery and your expert knowledge, you maintained so much energy and kept us engaged all day. You're such an inspiration and so much fun to be around, I felt so much joy and playfulness it was wonderful. The Gong bath was an experience. I've never felt my body in such a deeply relaxed state, incredible!!! I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone , I'd certainly do it again, it was so lovely. Thank you so much you're an absolute super star".

Recording Session

Dialect for Singers Workshop
by Vocal Balance

"Thank you so much for your amazing and informative presentation yesterday.  Everyone is talking about all the 'fruits'.  Hahaha!!  It was just right for our lovely cohort."

                                                      Julie Gossage


"First of all, I wanted to thank you again for a riveting, informative and absolute fun workshop today, time really flew extremely fast". 

                                                      Orit Zlotogorski

Voice Training Online Review
by Basma Al Ali Banking Professional

"In doing ZEN Voice and Body training with Marianne, I feel like I have accomplished much more than simply perfecting my speech patterns or intonation. She works on communication in a holistic manner, ranging from internal confidence, to how exactly we can physicalize it. I would recommend her tailored classes and workshops to anyone; business people, students, groups and individuals". 


Online Voice Lesson

Dialect Coaching Review
by Rebecca Wilkinson parent of actress Sofia

"The work that Marianne has undertaken with my daughter Sofia has been invaluable. She has completely opened up the field of drama for her as she now has no less than sixteen accents/dialects to draw upon meaning that more roles are now accessible to her. Added to this, Marianne has assisted my daughter in her appreciation of Shakespeare. Indeed since studying with Marianne, Sofia's GCSE English predicted grade has risen and she is now on track to achieve a level 9 for English at GCSE. I cannot thank Marianne enough".                                                   

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