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What are Chakras?

The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning wheels or circles which are connected to 7 different energy areas in the human body. This ancient wisdom passed down from thousands of years is profoundly relevant as a way to understand ourselves, our patterns of behaviour and our true self. Our excess and deficiency in an area can cause us to behave in a way that prevents us from being our optimal self. There are seven Chakras that run up through the body from the base of the body in the pelvis up to the crown of the head. Each area is represented by a particular colour which spans the spectrum of the rainbow. Although the Chakras are not physical parts of the body they function as valves that are the energy in or out. I like to think of them as energy centres where energy in the body accumulates. Some theorists have aligned Chakras to major glands in the body which is an interesting concept. In yogic theory it is believed that the Chakras regulate all functions of the body mind and spirit.


From a voice point of view it is vital that we have balance within the whole body as it affects the voice quality and the way we are able to communicate. It’s all too often that our emotions interfere with our ability to communicate in the best way. Chakra 5, also known as Vissudha, is based in the throat area. This dynamic energy centre of the body is all about communication, creativity and speaking your truth. At ZEN we have been investigating the benefits of targeted yoga exercises that specialise on this centre of the body with sound and chants. This work has been around for centuries and there’s lots to learn about sound healing but here is a window into one element of it.


The colour associated with this Chakra is blue. When this Chakra is out of balance there are 2 ways it can go: in excess or in deficit. The former represents talking too much with an inability to listen or at worse disorders of the throat and jaw. The deficiency manifests as fear of speaking, weak voice or tone deafness. A balanced Chakra 5 produces a resonant voice, good listening skills, good sense of timing and clear communication. That’s our goal!


The healing practices to restore balance come with our practical work of releasing tension, releasing the voice with sound, song, storytelling, journal writing and psychological awareness.


Having an affirmation to state regularly helps to stay connected to vocal balance. Statements like:


I hear and speak the truth

I express myself with clear intent

My voice is necessary


Help to reaffirm the belief in your voice and enable it to flow with ease. We need these things to keep connected to mind and body and therefore the voice.

'Find Your True Voice'

We have created a course entitled: 'Find Your True Voice' to tap into the Chakra system in its entirety to find self confidence, balance and inner calm. By deep breathing, relaxing and realigning the Chakras; energy centres in the body we can really access our true potential by letting go of unhelpful behaviours and recurring negative mental chatter. Using the power of our own voices in sounds, mantras and chants combined with yoga sequences we can make a huge difference to the way we feel within ourselves. Each session focuses on a specific Chakra to achieve optimal health and improve your voice. If this sounds interesting to you please get in touch to find out more.  We are planning to run this course as intensive workshops or retreats so keep an eye on this page for updates.



Mind and body fitness

Heals and balances energy 

Improves posture

Calms the nervous system


Builds positive relationships

Encourages optimal health and well being

Improves voice function

Self development

Confidence and self esteem




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