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Standard English Accent & Dialect Course 

This online course sets the foundations of Standard English speaking in 6 sessions of training.  This course runs on a Thursday evening in term time. 

Our simple 5 step methodology is a fun and practical way to develop your sensory awareness to access the new moves of the accent.


​Learn fast with our comprehensive course and audio/video files.


Train with an expert voice coach to refine your voice, define your clarity and get kudos!


This useful accent helps with communication to build positive relations in the global market. If you have a diverse multi lingual team and English is the central language this course can help to bring all voices together on the same page. As we are taking a practical approach to the accent all attendees will step into the role of an actor to learn this accent. Our creative and tactile approach has been honed over the past few years into this fun and colourful approach to accent training. 


£299 including course book, audio and video training materials


Online group courses run on Thursdays in term time. However the next course will be the Summer Intensive where you can do this programme intensively over 4 days.  We start on 8th August at 12pm-2pm BST until 11th August.


The Extended Standard English Accent and Dialect Course is the part 2 programme for attendees who have already completed part 1.  The next course is scheduled for Tuesday 3rd September at 5.30pm BST and will run for 6 weeks to 8th October.    

We have a new booking system in place on click here to enrol



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Who is this for?

Expert Tuition

Marianne and her team are fully qualified MA certified voice coaches working in the theatre and TV industry. They've worked with A-List celebrities and top clients across the globe.

Improve Your Voice and Change your Life!

The way you speak has a direct impact on how people perceive you.  Why not eliminate the negative perceptions?

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