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 Relax             Restore             Rejuvenate


We welcome you to the Autumn Vibe Retreat in the beautiful county of Derbyshire where we will spend a day immersing in relaxing vocal yoga, restorative mindful practices and rejuvenating voice workshops with a playful and sensitive approach led by Voice Coach and Yoga Teacher Marianne Samuels.


We will meet in the delightful space of The Elephant Rooms where you will spend the day immersing in mind, body and voice sessions to find interconnectedness essential to all performers and speakers. The sessions are focussed on releasing the voice and exploring your vocal potential.  In order to do this we must free the body of tensions and clear the mind of clutter hence the holistic approach. Also included in the day is a delicious lunch made by a local caterers mindful of health and nutrition. 


Schedule of the Day:


10.00am Vocal Yoga Workshop - gently wake up and energise your body with simple sounds and movement for fun, happiness and vocal development too.


This workshop is based on the Heather Lyle Vocal Yoga Method which is popular in LA where it was founded. Marianne is a certified Vocal Yoga teacher and voice coach. Vocal yoga is a fun and rewarding way of releasing your body into gentle yoga poses with easy sounds that help to get a deeper access to the mind and body connection. It leaves you with a freer more versatile voice and a better yoga practice. The light hearted style gets you feeling warm and happy, a great way to start the day.


12.00pm Lunch - nourish your body with delicious healthy food to cater for all. 

1.30pm Breathing and Pranayama

Deepen the breath and settle the nervous system to support the voice.  Then cleanse and energize with yoga breathing.

2.00pm Sound Bath - enjoy the wonders of a sound bath.  Allow the vibrations of gongs and singing bowls to heal and soothe the mind and body.

3.00pm Tea break  


3.15pm Poetry Session 


Embody the text to find the truthful authentic voice.

4pm Closing Meditation

Wind down with a beautiful meditation to seal the day's relaxation.

Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves


It is ZEN's mission to create an environment where we can completely be in the moment.  Surrendering all thoughts to find inner peace and contentment.   

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