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ZEN is a place to explore many aspects of the voice in a friendly, non-judgmental setting.  Good communication is at the heart of what we do and we seek to bring a wealth of vocal services to you in the form of regular classes, 121 tuition, workshops and courses. 

Speech Therapy Session

Clear Speech

Improve your speech with articulation training in the Clear Speech programme.  This 10 hour course focusses on accurate pronunciation using the IPA - international phonetics alphabet and a comprehensive training course book to take a detailed approach to accent and clarity of speech.  This course is aimed at non-native speaker of English who wish to refine their speech skills.

Giving a Lecture

Advanced Clear Speech

Enhance your speech further with the follow on programme Advanced Clear Speech.  This 10 hour course focusses on intonation and natural expressive speech with an additional comprehensive training course book and audio materials. This course is aimed at non-native speakers of English who wish to perfect their speech skills.

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